So I am having trouble coming up with something to write. I am trying to get in the habit of writing more regularly as opposed to whenever the mood strikes me just to keep my readers satisfied and to get the creative juices flowing so I was trying to an entry a day but as the new week starts…I got nothing. I mean nothing. Its embarrassing! I asked some of my friends what I should write about:

Veronica said to write about the World Cup, the concerts I have been to this summer, stupid people we all meet in college, and that cheerleader who has been in the news for hunting big game. Lara suggested writing about my biggest fear. Angel suggested I write about life after college and what it’s like. These are all great suggestions but not one got me excited.

I am having a hard time finding anything that interests me.

I guess there is an expectation lately to write about something profound and though provoking But, to be honest, ain’t nobody got time for that ever week! I mean being profound is hard man. I’d as soon just write about what I had for lunch but then Twitter would be insulted that I decided to use WordPress instead of just tweeting it. And you know Instagram would get involved. I mean where was the picture of lunch?! And Facebook is always struggling to stay in the group. It would be Animal Farm: Social Media Edition! While I could write about my lunch, I honestly do not think that anyone wants to hear, see, or have a detailed list of it so again I am stuck back at square one.

What to write about?

The cheerleader who hunts big game could be a good topic except for the fact that since I am morally opposed to hunting in any form I feel like if I did it would be giving her publicity that she does not deserve. Not that my blog reaches the millions of people say the Huffington Post does but I refuse to read or write anything about her so that’s out.

I had started writing about my biggest fear cause that was good one but I found myself having trouble finding a direction an staying on topic. One of the things I have been working on with my posts is sticking to one subject. If you read some of my early posts they are all over the place. I mean it gives me a headache to read some of them. This post had the potential to go off the rails but I am on for dear life by my fingertips. So the suggestion from Lara that I just write whatever comes to my head could be dangerous. I mean who knows what could come out. My mind is a scary jungle of things that are better left alone.

Angel’s suggestion of life after college and what its like is perfect…if I felt I had not already done that. This blog was not meant to be a place for me to whine about my life and how horrible it is. (Just so you know it’s not.) No one wants to read posts about the same thing over and over again. Diversity is what makes blogs interesting in my opinion, while a theme can be applied no two posts are alike.

So if anyone has s suggestion about what I could write about I would be more than happy to give them a try this week.



PS. Someone please have a suggestion cause once again I am out.


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